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Major Media distribution

XtremePrwire offers a wide distribution network that can help your news to reach a broad audience. Our distribution network includes major news such as Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Benzinga, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW and 200+ affiliates.Also we provide industry-specific publications, and online news sources, which can increase your visibility and reach.

Customized distribution

Xtremeprwire allows you to choose the specific channels and outlets where you want your news to be distributed. This can help you to target your audience more effectively and ensure that your news is reaching the right people.You can select from 400+ industry categories and subcategories. Finance, Fintech, Sports, Music, Electronics, etc – you name it, and we have it covered.

Press Release Writing

Creating an engaging story around your brand is the key to a Press Release’s success. At xtremeprwire, we help you do that with our advanced tools that let you upload your content, add visual elements like photos and videos, including social media links, and much more. It is a simple yet effective process that makes your PR interactive


SEO Optimization

We optimise your news releases for search engines, making it easier for people to find your content online and boosting your visibility and reach with guaranteed PR distribution on top media platforms such as Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Benzinga etc.

Analytics and Reporting

We provide analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track the performance of your news releases, refine your distribution strategy, and improve the effectiveness of your content.You will also get a detailed report containing live links of publication of your release on online media outlets, social media stats, PR views, etc. 

Guidance and Support

We at Xtremeprwire will provide guidance and support to help you craft effective news releases and develop a distribution strategy that works for your project or business to reach the maximum audience. Our 24*7 customer support with the ticket-based system ensures every query is answered within the shortest time frame.

Distribution to Journalists and Bloggers

With our industry-based potential database of 1M+ we will tap Journalists, Bloggers and influencers along with distribution to the online blogging community and webmasters that publish news stories on their blogs and websites. Our distribution options allow you to reach targeted contacts by delivering your news story directly to their email inbox for additional story pickup

Distribute to Regional and International Sites

In any media mix, the role of local media can’t be overlooked. They help you reach specific segments of your market that national and global media are unable to. You can pick from smaller geographical locations such as City, State, Regional, National, or Global distribution depending on the type of your message and target audience for better coverage and visibility.

Major Search Engine Visibility

Reach millions with guaranteed PR distribution on top media platforms such as Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Benzinga, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW and 200+ affiliates. We release your submission to over 5,300 + websites including print & broadcast media, trade journals, data providers.

Our Process

Expand Your News Reach.

01 Consulting

Expert guidance to help you communicate effectively.

02 Writing

Captivating content that tells your story.

03 Planning

Strategic planning for impactful communication.

04 Distribution

Maximising your reach with targeted distribution.


Expand Your News Reach Through The Large Media Press Release Service / News Outlets.

24*7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer support to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues within the shortest time frame, ensuring that your press release is distributed seamlessly and efficiently.

Tailored Distribution

We offer tailored distribution services that allow you to choose the multiple distribution channels and outlets for your press release to ensure that your news is reaching your target audience effectively.

Quick Delivery

We understand the importance of timely communication when it comes to distributing news. That's why we offer quick delivery services to ensure that your press release is distributed in the shortest possible time frame, while still maintaining high-quality standards.

Editorial Analysis

To ensure that your press releases meet quality standards and are optimised for SEO, we provide a free editorial overview for all submitted content.

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